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Customer experience is a growing profession and organizations that adopt and prioritize customer-centric practices have been shown to drive three times more revenue growth. The CX-PRO training and certification course recognizes an individual’s knowledge and experience with the profession’s fundamental practices and will make them stand out to both current and future employers and be well-positioned to advance their career. Along with the companion book and the CX Maturity Assessment, individuals will have mastered the foundation on which to build their CX career and serve their organization's customer-centric strategies and business goals. 

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CX-PRO Certification Courses

This course brings those fundamental elements of CX to the forefront to better equip you within your role as a business professional to lead and manage within a customer-centric framework. Through formalized and structured training in the essentials of customer experience, you will develop a more substantial knowledge base around CX principles that will provide you with a broader and more insightful business perspective along with best practices toward achieving a world-class reputation for your organization. Successful completion and passage of a post-course online exam will earn the participant their CX-PRO Certification.

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CX-PRO Guidebook

Whether you are new to the Customer Experience profession or have worked in the field for a few years, this book makes it easy to understand the foundational concepts and components necessary to develop, manage, and execute a CX program. The book covers everything from defining a strategy to the best principles of VOC collection and analysis; to the change management and CX metrics that define key CX measurements and drive success. It is an excellent companion to the course content as well as a post-training reference for those who have completed the CX-PRO Certification Course. Click the image above to order from Barnes & Noble.

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CX-PRO Maturity Assessment

In any CX initiative, it’s important to know your organization's CX maturity baseline before you can plan where you want to take them. The customer experience maturity assessment is a framework that helps your business identify different areas of development that contribute to your overall customer experience, along with critical milestones in each area so you know where you stand and where you need to go. Customer experience is a long-term investment and strategy. It is a multi-disciplinary endeavor that requires methodical and deliberate planning and alignment across the entire organization. For companies to fully benefit from all that CX has to offer, they must strive to continuously evolve their CX maturity level.

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