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CX-PRO Course Testimonials

Below are what a few selected CX-PRO participants and certified graduates have to say about the program.

Jeff Beyel

"As someone relatively new to a customer experience role, I found the CX-PRO course to be incredibly helpful. The tools and techniques taught in this course are very applicable to modern business initiatives and day-to-day interactions with customers. I hope to use what I have learned to establish a foundational understanding of the customer experience that I can build upon throughout my career."

Jeff Beyel

Customer Experience Project Coordinator, Legrand, North America

Justil Sill

“The CX-PRO Certification Course provided me with an exceptional set of tools and a knowledge base that helped prepare me for my new CX position at Centra Health.  The topics were all relevant to my work, enabled me to hit the ground running, and helped me make meaningful contributions to our CX program right away.  I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to quickly build experience and expertise in CX design, program design and execution.”

Justin Sill

Manager, Patient Experience, Centra Health, Lynchburg, VA

Igor Kalenny

“This course gave me a solid introduction to the fundamentals of CX and went over the ‘whole game’ by not only teaching different pieces of CX from a ‘birds-eye’ view but also showing how they fit together. For a person like me, coming from both software development and a UX background, it was very valuable to understand the main CX “pillars” which gave me a firm essential theoretical foundation to see the breadth of the subject. Furthermore, learning from the material allowed me to start seeing the relationship between UX and CX which is very important to understand for professionals in both of those fields. I was new to CX prior to taking this course; however, I was glad I took it because this very event led me to an important decision and a subsequent personal realization to make the next logical step in my career path: to pursue transitioning from UX to CX.”

Igor Kalennyy

UX Designer, Maximus

Natalie Campbell

“As someone who does not have actual “experience” in a CX role, but has always been passionately driven by the customer and their experience, this course was so incredibly insightful and encouraging! Taking my first steps toward CX, it’s more complex and layered than I could have imagined! But these lessons brought a lot of clarity and I’m eager to have this certification on my resume as I continue striving toward a career dedicated to improving the Customer Experience!”

Natalie Campbell

Inside Account Manager, West, Legrand AV

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